Starlet Sky programme


The reason behind our contribution to the programme 

 Everyone knows that new generation youths are heavily influenced by modern music, song and modern dances and post modern dressing style at present time.

Nonetheless, there are also young  people who love Myanmar’s cultural performing arts and traditional dressing style across the country. They are brilliant not only in arts but also in education. There are many examples of such youths becoming actors in films, movies and advertisements after winning gold medal in performing arts competitions and stars of stage and screen.

 Elite Tech Group contributed K 1, 500, 000 to the programme and the purpose of our contribution is—

  • To make people acknowledge the outstanding youths as the new generation who would preserve Myanmar traditional cultural heritage;

  • To turn all-round youths as outstanding stars in the field of arts

  • To make Myanmar children take examples of outstanding youths and to instill them with love for Myanmar traditional cultural heritage.