Charity Fun Fair at British Council Country Director’s Residence

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27th November 2011 & 25th November 2012

Purpose of Charity Fun Fair and donation

The purpose of charity fun fair is to help vulnerable children have self-confidence by demonstrating their talents, to provide health care services, food and education to needy children and elderly persons, to improve self-confidence, social skills, natural abilities and team spirit of the youth, to promote philanthropic activities and to enhance spiritual and intellectual development of the children.

According to the offer made by British Council, our Elite Tech Group of Companies gave a helping hand in charity fun fair held on 27th November 2011 and 25th November 2012. At the fun fair, our company funded K 800,000 as Gold Sponsor and further donated exercise books, pencils and clothes and so on worth K 500,000 to the hands of each student.

At the fun fair, we made donations to the children from the monastic education schools, nunnery schools, school for the blind and E4Y Youth Development School.


The aim of our association

Our association is a non-profit one and expects neither reward nor money from any person or organization. We are dedicated to caring for those in need, victims of natural disasters and technologies and humanitarian emergencies; empowering the vulnerable groups; providing assistance in health care services, food and education of the needy children and elderly persons and promoting social welfare activities.