Purpose of donation to flood victims on 25 August, 2012

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 Elite Tech Group of Companies, out of goodwill, donated household utensils and health-aided materials to the victims from four villages in Bago Region which are facing natural disaster immediately upon our knowledge of the disaster there despite transportation difficulties.

Elite Tech Group of Companies and the delegates jointly donated foodstuff and household utensils worth K 5.4 million to the flood victims from Thanatpin, Yatkangyi, Yatkanlay and Khamepyin Villages in Kawa Township in Bago Region on 25 August, 2012.

The donation included foodstuff and purified drinking water, rice, edible oil, instant noodle, mineral salt, fish tin and medicines, clothes, towel, candle, matches, steel bowl, spoon, clothes and cotton blankets.

Kawa Township is made of 115 households, Yatkangyi Village 382 households and Khamepyin Village 48 households and every household has at least five family members. However, the people from Bago Region are odd-job workers and farmers and they needed help as their farmlands were damaged by flood and inundation.

Elite Tech Group of Companies in future will continue providing aid to the places facing hardship.