UN Global Compact


Purpose of donation to flood victims on August 5, 2015


People of Myanmar has been suffering from the recent flood disaster because of heavy monsoon rains during the previous weeks  . This flood can be regarded as one of the worst disasters in decades. Most of the cities in 11 out of 14 States or Divisions are already under water. Elite Tech donated household utensils, clothing , health-aid materials, foodstuff and cash to the victims of flood from Magway and Sagaing Division which are facing natural disaster seriously. Elite Tech donated foodstuff and household utensils, clothing , medicine and Cash worth about 20,000,000 to the flood victims...

Starlet Sky programme


The reason behind our contribution to the programme 

 Everyone knows that new generation youths are heavily influenced by modern music, song and modern dances and post modern dressing style at present time.

Nonetheless, there are also young  people who love Myanmar’s cultural performing arts and traditional dressing style across the country. They are brilliant not only in arts but also in education. There are many examples of such youths becoming actors in films, movies and advertisements after winning gold medal in performing arts competitions and stars of...

Elite Tech Open Golf Championship 2013


May 14th to 17th, 2013, Yangon Golf Club

Purpose of holding golf championship

It is one of the series of preparations by Myanmar Golf Federation to ensure Myanmar young golfers achieve a lot of success in 27th SEA Games to be hosted in Myanmar, help Myanmar golfers compete effectively in international golf tournaments and select young golfers with potential for the national team. The championship aims at turning out talent and potential Myanmar golfers to compete with international players.

Under the...

Charity Fun Fair at British Council Country Director’s Residence


27th November 2011 & 25th November 2012

Purpose of Charity Fun Fair and donation

The purpose of charity fun fair is to help vulnerable children have self-confidence by demonstrating their talents, to provide health care services, food and education to needy children and elderly persons, to improve self-confidence, social skills, natural abilities and team spirit of the youth, to promote philanthropic activities and to enhance spiritual and intellectual development of the children.

According to the offer made...

Purpose of donation to flood victims on 25 August, 2012


 Elite Tech Group of Companies, out of goodwill, donated household utensils and health-aided materials to the victims from four villages in Bago Region which are facing natural disaster immediately upon our knowledge of the disaster there despite transportation difficulties.

Elite Tech Group of Companies and the delegates jointly donated foodstuff and household utensils worth K 5.4 million to the flood victims from Thanatpin, Yatkangyi, Yatkanlay and Khamepyin Villages in Kawa Township in Bago Region on 25 August, 2012.

The donation included foodstuff and purified drinking...